Where can we buy your bibs?
You can buy Ele & Ela bibs on etsy or in-store at Fine & Dandy in NYC.

What material are your bibs?
The backing on all the bibs is 100% organic bamboo cotton fleece, which makes it more absorbent and anti-bacterial perfect for your little droolers. The front of the bibs are typically organic cotton as well but when I can't source the right look I use 100% cotton. The snap closures are KAM resin snaps, durable and safe.

How do I take care of the bibs?
Wash bibs in cold water with baby detergent, no fabric softener, dry on low heat and iron if necessary (if you want a new crisp look). Otherwise, no moms really have time to iron!

What size does my baby require?
The bibs are recommended from 3+ months and fit typically to toddler. Also, it's recommended that your baby not sleep in any bibs.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, please inquire on my etsy shop page. Shipping prices are listed. Typically 1-2 business from time of order to ship out. I don't use tracking as to keep the price down and thus far haven't had a package go missing. However, if you require tracking please private message me first on etsy.

Do you offer wholesale?
yes, however take note that I am a `"one woman show" therefore inquire within.

Are you willing to collaborate with other bloggers or businesses?
Yes, I have already collaborated with other businesses for giveaways. Send me an email at

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